Free Halloween Cross Stitch

Before you proceed...

Disclaimers, directions and ideas...

Hopefully you can prints these charts out with no problems.  The only help I can give is to save it on your own computer and print from there.




I will be stitching these on 28 count white linen tea dyed by myself. I found directions here, TEA DYING. 


Stitch with any colours you find you like.  As always, I have gone by the colour on my screen and not actual floss numbers.  I use a DMC book to pick my final colours.



Of course there's the text and the borders, but apart from that the only backstitch lines on the cahrts are to distinguish white stitches from the white back ground and showing where to put the tassel.

Things to back stitch are:

The ribbon in Witch for a Cure

Outline of veil in white floss in Bridal Witch


For the tassel:

You could stitch the beads where they are placed on the chart.

Or string coloured beads complimentary to the design on 1 strand of floss the colour of which should match the top of your hat.  Tie floss at the ends – but loosely.  Do as many of these as you feel suit your piece.  Thread beaded strings though one more bead to collect all tassels together.  If you like you could bead the whole length of the tassel.  Thread tassel through fabric at the top of the hat.  You may want to anchor the tassel at some point or allow it to swing free.



DMC – which I’ll use mostly

Rayon floss – shiny



Places to Embellish:

I will be using Mill Hill Treasures and Beads on most of my hats.  I will put a treasure on the circle within the buckle, example, a bat treasure on the Batty Witch, a spider instead of a tassel on Tangle Web etc.  On Sexy Witch I will be adding pieces of feather (red and black) somewhere, either the brim or from behind the buckle.  On Bridal Witch the cross at the top of hat is for the rough placement of a charm.   

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