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Free Halloween Cross Stitch

How I stitched this chart

DMC floss colours I used:


Black 310
Green 988
Grey 168
Orange 720
Gold 676
Purple 3837
Milll Hill Beads 00081 or any black coloured bead
This designs works best on linen/evenweave.  I myself would not stitch it on aida because of the stitches used.  I used a taupe coloured 28 count laguna.
1 strand of floss for rows 3, 5, black on 7, 11 and 12.  Use 2 strands for all other stitching.
All of the stitches used, if not the actual stitch, were influenced by various specialty stitches.  I have added links to stitch dictionaries to either help you understand the stitch or to see how it is stitched.
The stitch guide shows the stitches enlarged.  If you have stitched over one thread before you will recognise that each square is one thread. 
I have used beads for; the eyeball pupil, spiders head and body and the middle of the flowers.
I will admit that this one is challenging.  I ripped out a few of the rows (candy corn row three times) before I got it right.  To eliminate this problem stitch the buckle and hat band before the corn!
When doing the satin stitches make sure your thread is going to lay flat, ie. both strands lay side by side and not twisted before pulling thread taut - but not too taut as this will distort your fabric/stitching.
I have put a few steps on different pages to help with printing them out.  Descriptions of rows have links in them corresponding to stitches.
I hope you have as much fun stitching this one as I did.
Now to the guide!